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We believe that a good nutrition can be combined with pleasure, rich taste and happy moments. Through our nuts and spreads, we wish to share the joy for life and a feeling of satisfaction through products that can be trusted for their high quality.

#Long Tradition
• A family tradition since 1984 with integrity, reliability, good-faith and optimism.
• Craft and expertise are combined for optimized nuts, hazelnuts spreads and peanut butters.

#Selected Raw Materials
• It is not our secret that the best ingredients around the world, are carefully selected, processed with the most modern methods and packed in high quality package.

#Our Family Promise
• Our declaration and our focus are to provide people with nut-products of the best quality for every day delight.

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Pami Hazelnut Spreads

Hazelnuts Spreads that are rich in natural oven roasted hazelnuts and no palm oil. With unique taste that combines chocolate flavor and hazelnuts, as well as soft, creamy texture for application in many recipes.

Pami Peanut Butters

Peanut Butters no sugar added with high percentage of natural oven roasted peanuts and no palm oil. They are source of plant protein and dietary fibers, with a recipe that follows American standards. A truly source of energy and good nutrients; they are ideal for people who follows a balanced diet, for vegetarians, vegans and people who exercise.

Pami Dry Nuts Oven Roasted

Healthy, Yummy and Crunchy Dry Nuts of all kinds are lightly salted with Sea Salt and Oven Roasted in order to be the most tasteful, nutrient and healthy snack for any circumstance. By their nature, they offer plant protein, dietary fibers, nutrients, vitamins & minerals supporting a balanced life. A special treatment is applied to all nuts for rich flavor and crunchiness and only selected raw materials are chosen, of the best varieties around the world.

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